Charting & Technical Analysis

FundSoft is focused on providing the best analysis, charting, and trading tools for active and professional traders worldwide.

Real-Time Charting & Analysis

If you are looking to do real-time charting (tick, 1-minute, 5-minutes, etc.) of market data (stocks, pink sheets, options, futures, etc.) then we have the following software packages available for you:

  • MetaStock Professional Charting and Analysis Software MetaStock Professional

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    Real-time technical analysis and charting for serious traders, from candlestick experts to swing traders... MetaStock Professional includes over 150 built-in indicators!

  • MetaStock End of Day Technical Analysis Software MetaStock End of Day

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    Designed specifically for traders who focus on the foreign exchange (also known as FOREX or FX) market, where the world’s currencies are traded, MetaStock Pro FX has all the tools you need you be successful.

End-of-Day Charting & Analysis

End-of-Day analysis typically works on the open, close, high, low, and volume information of a particular day. Great for learning the general trends of the market, we have the following end-of-day analysis packages available for you:

Beyond Charts+

Beyond Charts+

For the sophisticated investor who needs muscle to analyse, look no further than Beyond Charts+ which offers the latest and greatest in technical analysis and charting features in an intuitive and powerful interface.

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Charting & Analysis



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